Las Golondrinas: a privileged viewpoint of Barcelona

Las Golondrinas: a privileged viewpoint of Barcelona

"Las Golondrinas" were installed in the port of Barcelona coinciding with the celebration of the Universal Exhibition of 1888. Since then, locals and tourists enjoy unprecedented views of the city and harbor while cruising in the Mediterranean.

In 1888, they settled in Las Golondrinas Barcelona port proposal Felicia Gomez, a Cuban Indian. He quickly became a tourist attraction and is that through these short trips around the port area, local citizens could see more closely what happened in this nerve center of the city: "We walked to people who came to see ships coming from America and Africa, which had unknown products to the people of Barcelona", explains Agustín Roma, currently responsible for marketing of the company.

Las Golondrinas birth coincided with the celebration of the Universal Exhibition of 1888, a key time in the growth and expansion of Barcelona, ​​as it also did little had broken down the wall and was beginning to develop the area of what would be the Parallel and the Passeig Marítim. In this sense, and because of its strategic position, Las Golondrinas have witnessed great urban changes, as happened with the celebration of the Olympic Games of 1992 or the construction of buildings such as the Agbar Tower or the W Hotel Barcelona.

Las Golondrinas fleet has always been characterized by a common aesthetic: wooden boats 2 floors and bare, designed to navigate sheltered waters. The first working steam boats and little by little they were modernized. Currently, there are 6 ships, 3 of which are in the fifties, baptized with the names of the three daughters of one of the partners of that time Las Golondrinas: Incarnation, Maria del Carmen and Lolita.

A nostalgic output

The reasons for undertaking an outing with Las Golondrinas are diverse: see the city from a different point of view, have a good time outdoors and even remember childhood. Merce is the case Domenech, who has decided to go back up after many years, but now accompanied by his grandchildren: "It gives me a lot of nostalgia and who had climbed as a child," he says excitedly. Currently, you can make several trips up to an hour and a half through which the port, the coast and the beaches of Barcelona is crossed.

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