The Raval

Barcelona's Raval neighbourhood, which was hemmed in by the city walls until 1859, is now bounded by La Rambla, Carrer Pelai, the Ronda Sant Antoni, Ronda Sant Pere and the Paral·lel. These ancient Roman roads marked out the boundaries of the walls which were demolished so that the rapidly growing city could expand.

Within these perimeters, this area, which had been the site of fields and convents until the mid-19th century, saw the construction of textile mills and workers' houses throughout the network of narrow winding streets in this Barcelona neighbourhood. As a result of its industrialisation and proximity to the port, the Raval became a neighbourhood with a high immigrant population, where social problems were commonplace. And it was because of this that the journalist Àngel Marsà christened it the Barrio Chino in 1925, a monicker still used until fairly recently.

Area by district and quarters. 2018
 Area (ha)People
BARCELONA 10.215,9 1.625.137
CIUTAT VELLA 436,8 102.250
El Raval 109,8 47.605


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