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Guarantee and Trust

The OLD BCN badge "MEMBER" is a symbol of guarantee and confidence to the public and of guarantee on the businesses and businesses that appear in the guide, having successfully passed the requirements demanded in the discharge process.

Internet is a channel where many people access and we have to put everything that is within our reach so that the information and contents is verified and contrasted.

This badge guarantees the user:

  • That Commerce has completed and provided all the documentation we requested in the discharge process.
  • That the activity that develops is the one that is announced, as well as the services, prices and offers that we publish have been contrasted.
  • The existence at the Fiscal / Legal level is demonstrable (although this information is not public)
  • Which has been classified in the section and category / s that really corresponds to it by its activity.
  • That the information published on the Web is not made by Commerce automatically, our editorial staff checks, verifies, contrasts and publishes the content.

The number of stars granted to each Member depends on several conditions that we establish at the time of evaluation and audit (quality, prices, service, personnel, space, location, seniority, customers, product, etc.). Being DOS the minimum and FIVE the maximum of stars that are granted

OLD BCN has a Control Box so that anyone can leave suggestions, complaints, complaints or any other comments that allow us to act accordingly.

The badge can be requested by any Affiliate Member and subsequently it is granted according to the audit that we perform.

It includes:

  • Trade Audit and briefing for certification work.
  • Diploma in A4 size.
  • Vinyl badge to be placed in the establishment (14 cm diameter).
  • Distinctive in various formats to locate it in its supports and media, both digital and printed (.JPG, .PNG, .TIFF)
  • Digital example:
    distintivo oldbcn

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