Sant Pere Més Alt with Sant Francesc de Paula

Sculptor: Ignacio Farreras
Architects: Oscar Tusquets, Carlos Diaz
Materials: Ceramic
Inauguration: April 22, 2004

The architect Oscar Tusquets carried out the second extension of the Palau taking advantage of the space created by the demolition of the church of San Francisco de Paula. Tusquets had already made the first extension a few years ago, in which a monument was installed in memory of the master Lluís Millet, soul of the Catalan Orfeón. In the second enlargement we had to keep in mind the corner that was formed between the streets of San Pedro Alto and San Francisco de Paula, too powerful if you did not have any element that would break the monotony of the stone and, give you a scence of its personality, it is necessary to suppose thinking about the corner of the Palau de la Música that gives to the street of Amadeu Vives, where is the sculpture of the popular song, of Miquel Blay.

Tusquets decided to commission a set of reliefs and bas-reliefs to his habitual collaborator Naxo Farreras, a man who had started as a jewelery designer, then he was a sculptor (he is the author of the dancer of Alegrías, the sculpture of the park of Espinillas, next to the fountain of Manuel de Falla) and makes the models of the Tusquets projects.

Naxo Farreras thought about doing on the same bricks that constitute the image of building a monumental tree that was not too realistic, and worked for a long time on the idea together with Tusquets until getting the effect of a deformed tree of large dimensions -22 meters - that goes up to the sky. It was inaugurated, together with the second extension of the Palau, on April 22, 2004.

  • S. Pere, S. Caterina i La Ribera
  • Sant Pere Més Alt


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