Simón Bolívar

Parc de la Barceloneta

Sculptor: Julio Maragall, signed
Material: Bronze
Inauguration: 26 September 1996

This is not the only sculpture dedicated to Simon Bolivar is in Barcelona. In 1930, when the first centenary of the death of the "Liberator" was fulfilled, and the initiative of the government of Colombia, a bust of Bolivar, work of Vicente Anton, in Montjuïc Park, behind the Spanish Village opened. That original bust, disappeared during the war as other pieces of bronze, was replaced in the fifties by a stone, also designed by Vincente Anton.

So this new monument to Bolivar, the work of Julio Maragall, set in 1996 in the park of the Barceloneta, at the end of the promenade, is the second devotes Barcelona. This time the initiative was the government of Venezuela, unlike the previous one, which is what the of Colombia, and the inauguration on September 26, 1996, attended by then-President Rafael Caldera, with Jordi Pujol and Pasqual Maragall . Before choosing the park Barceloneta was thought in the gardens of Manuel Blancafort, located very close to the street Bolivar in Vallcarca, and also in the Plaza de la Hispanidad, but the artist preferred to be near the sea. In Caracas, where Julio Maragall lives, there is a monument of Bolivar done for him very much.

The statue of Bolivar, plainclothes to emphasize its character as a statesman, was supported by members of the Catalan colony in Venezuela. The author is the son of sculptor Ernest Maragall, and therefore cousin was mayor, Pasqual Maragall, at the time of the inauguration.

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