Sideroploide, to the men of the sea

Moll dels Pescadors

Sculptor: Salvador Aulestia
Materials: Wrought iron and cast on premade support (iron plates made up of drains from boats)
Inauguration: December 30, 1963

Salvador Aulèstia was a visionary man who proposed one day make a sculpture at the Port of Barcelona that was a tribute to the men who work at sea. I wanted to use only scrap scrapping ships at a time of crisis in port and workshops and they say, employed about 40 people during the two years of the completion of his work. They said it was the world's largest wrought iron sculpture at the time. Aulèstia and his colleagues had to use the crane to move the pieces and use the hammer and oxyacetylene torch instead of the chisel to give the shape they wanted. It was inaugurated by the end of the jetty, where the Swallows came, pleasure boats linking the old harbor with jetty in 1963. The time was rotting and had to remove it from its location. His son Anastasi and a group of artists and intellectuals interested in the work of Aulestia moved so there would be cornered in a warehouse, and Pere Casanovas, a sculptor of Mataro, the restored and painted in gold color to give a protection , however, it detracts somewhat. The sculpture changed situation. He is now, since June 2001, in the Fisherman's Wharf, at the World Trade Center. The restoration cost 65 million pesetas. Ironically, neither of the two names by which it is known not for what he gave Aulèstia: Ferroestructura No. 5.

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