Santa Eulàlia

Carrer Ciutat

Unknown author
Materials: Stone from Montjuïc

In 1550, the Minister of Gualbes Bonaventura defrayed the execution of stone images of patterns of Barcelona, ​​Santa Eulalia and San Severo, so they were placed in the Gothic facade of the Consell de Cent; on street corners, in existing architectural elements, bracket and canopy. Between 1831 and 1847, the architect Josep Mas reforms carried out in the building. The most important was the construction of a new facade to the square of Santiago, which involved the mutilation of much of the medieval facade. The figure of San Severo sixteenth century was lost in the course of the works. The figure of Santa Eulalia remained isolated, and in November 1850 spoke of moving it to the corner of the square of Santiago with the old street of San Miguel.

The image of Santa Eulalia, which stands on a pedestal, bearing the palm of martyrdom in her right hand, as he suffered multiple torments at the beginning of the fourth century. This is a very well done piece that follows the canon nine heads tall, has a noble aspect, a handsome face and a treatment of clothes like an artist who knew the Italian Renaissance art. The author is unknown, although Garriga think a very Italianate or perhaps of Italian origin architect. This sculptor also could have worked in other works the Consell de Cent made between 1559 and 1580: the reliefs alluding to the historical origins and legendary city on the facade of Trentenari (restored in 1929 after room was dismembered the 1847 ), or the relief of the busts of five directors and five virtues that were in the fourth of the five directors (currently in the Santacana Museum Martorell), or figures flanking the royal shield of the current room door percent.

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