A room where it always rains

Plaça del Mar

Sculptor: Juan Muñoz
Materials: Iron and bronze, marble on the floor
Inauguration: July 21, 1992

The idea of ​​"urban settings," has it helped Barcelona to have a work of the great Madrid sculptor Juan Muñoz, who died prematurely in 2001. In the Plaza del Mar, located at the end of Paseo de Joan de Borbó, he stands in a roundabout unglazed, this work full of melancholy where grasshoppers are so common in the work of Muñoz. The gazebo is inspired by the umbráculo the Ciutadella Park. The idea of ​​the artist, according to the title given to the work -A room Where ever it rains, was that in that space always rained. technical difficulties, involving a recirculation system and water filters to prevent the leaves of the trees that normally fill that space, made this part of the installation was postponed. In later conversations alternatives they were proposed, because the author found that the work was incomplete. Anyway, Muñoz acknowledged the difficulties of implementing the idea I had. His death cut this process and in the gazebo only rains when the weather makes it possible. In 2004, when becoming a parking lot, it had to dismantle and reinstall it with a new marble floor. Now is a half up from what it was when I first went underground.

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