Ròmul Bosch i Alsina

Moll de Bosch i Alsina

Sculptor: Robert Krier, signed
Pedestal: Léon Krier
Materials: Bronze on basalt pedestal
Inauguration: July 7, 1992

Has the sunken spine, shoulders thrown back and a voluminous rib cage. The railway testa just emerging from the torso. The eyes look higher than the horizontal of the sea. The man is half leaning on a pedestal, in a gesture of rest content. Robert Krier has given the figure, larger than those of a mere mortal, a furious energy dimensions. I do not know well the history of Bosch and Alsina, but should be, according to Krier, a colossal man, to the measure of the port works, of enormous magnitude, which advocated.

The sculpture figures is risky, and deformation of the images we consider what is even more real. Robert Krier has come out with an attitude that has little to do with naturalism figurative absolute values ​​anachronism that gave the appearance of things while contemporary consciousness favored an art based on the current instability radical man. As he writes Antoni Marí, artists who today figuration risk "is not so naive that risk, even for a confident optimism. Are also his fear, doubt and perplexity, and therefore the sense of figuration no it is the same as the configuration was done in the past, nor is it your will and formalizing the requirement of expression ". Krier has modeled a piece that speaks to us in a stentorian voice. Few statues are in Barcelona to exhibit much power.

  • Port Vell
  • Moll de Bosch i Alsina


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