Untitled, Roman Balance

Carrer d'Andrea Dòria

Sculptor: Jannis Kounellis
Materials: Iron and coffee bags
Inauguration: July 21, 1992

A set of scales with sacks of coffee wanted to remember the loading docks of another time in this composition of the Greek Jannis Kounellis, the current representative of Arte Povera. Kounellis had decided to put his work against one wall of the general deposits of Commerce, now pompously called Palau de Mar. However, the lack of enthusiasm of the owners of the building on one side and the reform almivarada this other Kounellis made desist from his idea and sought a more suitable wall, not restored. In found one in the square formed by the streets of Admiral Cervera and Baluard. The inauguration did not take place the same day as "urban configurations" the other seven, but a few weeks later. Barceloneta neighbors disagreed with the work.

  • Barceloneta
  • C. d'Andrea Dòria, 32


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