The Olive

Plaça George Orwell

Sculptor: Leandre Cristòfol
Materials: White reinforced concrete, stainless steel tube and wood
Inauguration: September 23, 1991

Large scale reproduction of this surreal work of artist Leandre Cristòfol leridano, born in 1908, is the first work of this author who was placed in Barcelona. The original work was done in 1935 and made 80 cm. It is owned by the City of Barcelona, which took the initiative to put the new open square where the streets Escudellers, Arenas and Arai and which, after the inauguration of the monument, was given the name George Orwell. A unique feature of the square is that there are no benches to sit because so requested neighbors, who feared that became a meeting place for outcasts. It was the artist himself who, with the help of critic Francesc Miralles, chose this work to be monumentalised. The inauguration took place on September 23, 1991.

  • Gòtic
  • Pl. George Orwell

  • Metro L3LICEU

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