No return no. 2

Av. del Marquès de l'Argentera - Estació de França, platform

Sculptor: Sergio Aguilar
Materials: Steel and marble

The same year he faced his first really ambitious work, the monumental sculpture Barcelona City Council commissioned him for Julia (1986) pathway, which he dedicated "to new Catalan", migrants, Sergi Aguilar takes his workshop Mataro excellent pieces of iron, including No. No return. 2. The name of the title comes from a verse from the poet Dylan Thomas, this resource highlights the importance that the artist gives the metaphor when creating their pieces. Consider the geometry as a pretext to build, consider the use of geometry should never be literal, should always be used in a metaphorical sense. This feature, which has moved away from minimalism or geometric purism. However, all parts maintain some kind of link with minimalism and constructivism (even been considered an "organic constructionist"). Admiration for a number of artists such as Julio González, Constantin Brancusi and Richard Serra Jorge Oteiza, help to understand the degree of purification we see in his works when seen for the first time. mainly it works from the plan and their intersections, has managed to provide his work with a power and a formal purity without affecting the emotionality of the work.

No return no. 2 is in access to the platform of the station France, right. This is a sculpture composed of steel and rests on a plate of the same material. This work is part of the creative period in which Sergi Aguilar incorporated elements in his works such as steel, aluminum and wood. High on a marble pedestal, it occupies a discreet place in space but at the same time allows be viewed from different points of view from different angles and see the three-dimensionality of the work. Starting from the idea that object and environment should be in permanent dialogue, the artist questions the role of "place" and its relationship to "object" based on geometric structures. In this case the geometric shapes of the artwork dialogue with a public space, a station platform.

  • Barceloneta
  • Estació de França


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