Miraestels, Saltamartins aquàtics

Rambla de Mar, within the sea

Author: Robert Llimós
Materials: polyester resin

Floating in the water at the port of Barcelona is from the area popularly known as Maremagnum and officially named Rambla del Mar, natural continuation of La Rambla Columbus below, there are two large human figures placed on a white hemispheres, the Castilians know what a "tentetieso" and that we should call in Catalan, and few do, grasshopper. The two figures that evoke a bit of the smallest of all of Miguel Paredes are identical: a young man looking to the sky with a red star on their hands, linked to his back. He was baptized by its author, Robert Llimós as Miraestels.

The origin of these two sculptures in polyester resin and fiberglass is the year of the new century, when the Llorens Artigas Foundation asked several artists who made a sculpture in honor of Joan Brossa, who had died the penultimate day of the year 1998. the sculpture had to have the poem as a reason Rubbish Saltamartí. Robert Llimós, one of the participants, then created the role of small format Miraestels, which happened after a large size to expose it for the first time during the 2006 Boat in the port of Barcelona. Then, the sculpture took Sitges, where it was placed near the beach of the frigate. For the 2007 edition of the Boat Show will again put Miraestels the port of Barcelona, ​​this time with three copies. The same year he used the Miraestels Sitges as beacon for the Barcelona World Race 2007. Of the three figures of Barcelona, ​​there were definitely two, and also follows his place in Sitges. I Llimós a third copy was put out of the port of Barcelona, ​​in the open sea, facing the beach of Barceloneta, for who could get good swimmers and serves to delimit the area of ​​jet skis in a more pleasant the aseptic buoys habituals.La Miraestels ago figure of 2.40 m high and is placed on a hemisphere with a radius of 1.20 m. To keep the grasshopper right, but fluctuating with the movement of the water, a boat from the bottom, not visible in a keel hangs two meters long. The technical realization was in charge of the company Marina Barcelona 92, heir of the old Shipyard Vulcano.L'obra was conducted by Llimós just before his famous trip to Brazil, where it says that in 2009 he appeared a UFO in the city of Fortaleza, with two aliens.

  • Port Vell
  • Rambla del Mar


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