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Carrer Pescadors

Idea: Students of Ciutat Vella on the story "The beginning of wisdom" of Pere Calders
Materials: Thermal insulation materials and cardboard
Inauguration: March 22, 2011

The apartment building located in the city nearest sea Street Pescadores has a dividing wall at the foot of which is a restaurant downstairs. To eliminate bad visual effect produced, and in the decorative policy medians following years the Municipal Urban Landscape Institute promoted a participatory process involving 1,300 children and adolescents from 26 primary and secondary education participated, especially Ciutat Vella district. They chose the objects that would go to the wall and made drawings that were chosen which definitely made in insulating plastic material covering the wall.

The idea was put alluded objects in the story "The beginning of wisdom", the book Chronicles of the hidden truth, of Pere Calders or without appearing in it explicitly part of everyday life and can relate in some way with the idea center of the story, which is what is looking for the woman who has lost a hand found in the garden. The idea is the same as in 2004 Sara Pons and Carlos Sanfeliu had to design a new pavement for the ride created between the streets of Escorial and Sardinia to cover a stretch of the Ronda del Mig. There they decided to embed on the floor all small pieces of glass objects inside, linking them with a sentence of that story: "Someone has lost something very important in this garden who accredits his owner will be given satisfaction.".

Interestingly, both the Travessera de Dalt as Barceloneta has the same number of items: nineteen. But only three matches: the key, the ball and the collar. Apart from these three, in the dividing of Barceloneta there an umbrella, a fishbone, a teddy bear, a screw vanadium, a paper boat, a shoe, a bottle, a faucet, a suitcase, a headset, binoculars, a scooter, a child cap, an hourglass, a shell and starfish. In Barceloneta, as seen, there has been a penchant for objects related to the world of children and the maritime area.

And on Travessera de Dalt objects are crystallized in the soil and are of very low amounts in Barceloneta are large and are part of the plastic coating insulating wall green. Unfortunately, it has not been able to prevent a large fireplace from the restaurant go through all medianera bottom up.

The inauguration took place at noon on Tuesday 22 March, 2011, with a popular party where Dagoll Dagom which in 1978 had staged a celebrity version of the stories of Calders with the title of Antaviana- made a dramatic reading of The principle the wisdom of Pere Calders. A dramatization, incidentally, was scheduled to present at the inauguration of the tribute to Pere Calders of the Travessera de Dalt, in March 2004, and then could not do because of the rain.

At the time of the opening and weeks later there were three elements that will probably disappear over time. The first of these elements is a bulwark that simulates the set of flags that are made boats, hanging from a rope that goes from the top of the dividing wall to the roof of the restaurant. Each of the nine flags there corresponds to a letter of the word Antaviana, but haphazardly put (anaivatna). The second of these elements, a tower Mecanotubo with canvas panels at the foot of the wall where the process of elaboration of the work is explained, contains the key to deciphering the hieroglyphics of the bulwark, with an alphabet of equivalences between colors of flags and letters. The third element is a cardboard box where you could imagine leaving embedded in the wall objects.

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