Matter and form

Lobby of the City Hall (access through Plaça Sant Jaume)

Sculptor: Josep Maria Subirachs
Materials: Travertine on limestone base of San Vicente, polished
Inauguration: March 16, 1984

One night in March 1984, Maria Aurelia Capmany, then Councillor for Culture of Barcelona City Council took advantage of the delegate of Urbanism, architect Oriol Bohigas, was out of the city to put in the municipal hall of matter-form sculpture by Josep Maria Subirachs (1980), who did not like the architect. Sculpture, travertine, wants to be like the secular creation of Adam and Eve. The same Subirachs, who gave the work, chose the small chamber, which receives natural light, where it is still located.

  • Gòtic
  • Pl. Sant Jaume, 1

  • Metro L4JAUME I

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