Mary Santpere

La Rambla, 101, next to the Palau de la Virreina

Design: Luis Archilla and Teruel
Materials: laminated steel, expanded metal, stainless steel and bougainvillea
Opening: January 5, 1993

La Rambla is basically the result of two different eras of urban development, the Baroque and nineteenth century. A space crash you can see the Palace of the Viceroy's wife, remained withdrew respect to adjacent buildings and leaving two medians in sight. The area was up front flower garden and still is one of the few openings the ride. Interestingly, the medians were arranged at times very different, but both following traditional solutions. In that overlooks the sea, is still the facade of the palace and the eye is focused by a central artistic motif (a Virgin in a niche).

The wall in question was resolved with the choice recurring once: make grow a climbing plant, particularly a bougainvillea. Unlike other times, the wall was arranged in advance so that the plant needed a structure which adhere. In addition, the action had a special mission: this set is a tribute to Mary Santpere, actress closely linked to the city and the Rambla. When he died in 1992, the idea of ​​taking a moment by the Association of Friends of the Rambla and the Rambla de Florists, sponsored by ACME, came to the following agreement: ACME rehabilitated the wall, florists put flowers and maintained, and the neighborhood association, the plaque to remember the flowers (symbolically planted during the inauguration) is in memory of the actress. For the intervention, it was necessary to much more than a gardener, a vertical network structure and metal planter surrounded the bank and later retired. A dynamic lines sgraffito or shaped metal bar fill the gap and complete the operation by the architect Lluís Archilla resolved, the Agency Urban Landscape.

With minimal elements created a monument that, unlike others, can not say if Mary Santpere have taken good or bad, if you look older or more serious ...; Flowers are the head and in the end, the natural way that a memory remains alive.

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