Martyrs of Independence

Plaça Garriga i Bachs

Sculptor: Josep Llimona, signed
Architect: Pedro Benavent de Barberà and Abelló
Ceramics reproduces prints Bonaventura Planella (1815)
Materials: Bronze on granite pedestal
Inauguration: June 3, 1941

The greatest modernist sculptor, distinguished member of the famous saga of Lemon, dedicated in 1929, a monumental bronze to the martyrs of independence. Screened in time of the dictatorship of Primo de Rivera, the monument was recovered in 1941 by the new Franco regime as a patriotic symbol. From a stylistic point of view of modernist distant expressiveness to approach it remains, however, due to the will of containment and dignify the group of men, rather the Novecentismo.

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