Manuel Milà i Fontanals

Parc de la Ciutadella

Sculptor: Manuel Fuxà
Architect: Joan Rubió i Bellver (current pedestal)
Materials: White marble on stone pedestal
Inauguration: May 6, 1908

The first two busts of the Floral Games were put just the first days of May 1908. On Wednesday 6 was inaugurated dedicated to Milan and Fontanals and Saturday 9th of costumbrista the writer Emili Vilanova. The head of Milan is the work of sculptor Manuel Fuxà. The pedestal, however, has changed three times. In 1917 it was replaced the first, as stated at the time of the inauguration it was provisional. It was installed in another, designed by the architect Joan Rubió i Bellver, which lasted until 1964 and was changed by the current. The opening speech bust was read by the poet José Franquesa, be desired, very lyrically, "the pine trees in Milan so loved in life and now engulf his image to kiss him with rough and healthy mouthfuls that lead fumes from the earth ".

Albert said the accidental mayor Bastardas, considered the first democratic mayor of Barcelona, ​​being the office almost a year and a half, by the crisis of the mayors of royal order.

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  • Parc de La Ciutadella


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