Lying nude

Lobby of the City Hall (access through Plaça Sant Jaume)

Sculptor: Frederic Marès, signed
Materials: Bronze on limestone base from San Vicente, polished

The first mayor of democracy restored, Narcis Serra, visited the studio of Frederic Marès to choose, according to the sculptor, a piece intended for the lobby of the House of the City. The chosen was lying naked, sculpture Marès also called Plenitude and Spring. It is a work of 1936, winning medals in two national exhibitions of Fine Arts. He gave free in exchange for the City made another copy for him. On 14 May 1982 the agreement was made public and the sculpture was placed in a prominent place of the municipal hall.

  • Gòtic
  • Pl. Sant Jaume, 1

  • Metro L4JAUME I

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