Lluís de Santàngel

Portal de la Pau - Mirador de Colón

Sculpture: Josep Gamot (sketch), Giovanni Passani (realization), restoration Josep Miret
Architect: Gaietà Buigas
Materials: Stone from Monóvar
Inauguration: June 1, 1888

In memorials of a certain size is often coupled with the honoree character, albeit at a lower level, appear representations of figures related to his career. As he noted Carlos Reyero in a study of the memorial sculpture in Spain, some of these figures or groups, usually placed in the pedestal, at first seem subsidiaries, at least from a formal point of view, by their situation in a lower level. However, they can function as main figures for even more visual relevance have memorialized that figure and especially because they help to explain the true symbolic value of the monuments. This is the case of the sculptures stationed at the base of the column of the monument to Christopher Columbus.

Given that the iconographic program of patent monument a clear intention to assert the presence of Catalonia in the adventure of discovery and colonization of America, it is logical to have a significant importance the Catalan characters who, in one way or another, were related to Columbus' voyages to the Americas.

Specifically, the figure that occupies us now corresponds to Luis de Santángel twin, counselor and scribe ration of the Catholic Monarchs, which funded much of the expenses of the expedition that culminated in the discovery and colonization of America. The naturalistic characterization adopted by José Gamot and Lauria to represent this figure, sculpted in stone of Alicante, is a very common type in the last decade of the nineteenth century, which consisted of portraying famous historical characters considered in accordance with very conventional realistic canons, as if that will result closer to the viewer.

It should be noted that originally formed character group with the figure of a page, statue disappeared and not returned since 1965.

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  • Portal de la Pau


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