The Charity

Carrer Montalegre, Manning yard

Author: Joan Serra, signed
Materials: bronze
Opening: March 25, 1980

In 1865 the House of Charity received a major let Robert Manning, an English friend of a family in Barcelona importantly, Brown. A court of this institution, built in 1749, was named after the benefactor and well known since. It was the venue on 25 March 1880 to put the heart charity, represented by a console that Virgin boys, and had carved the year before Paul and Joan Serra, former Asylum of the House of Charity , as he remembered an inscription, now defunct, that said "J. SERRA / withdrawal 1879. in tribute to the charity, Joan Serra and Pau boy isolated in this House charity, sculpted this group. the governing Board of the erects here that is perpetuating the memory and example serve. it was opened on 25 March 1880 ". He was Chairman of the Board of the House at the time the Catalan political Admiral Valentin. In 1985 the yard was the subject of a major restoration by architects Bosch, and Botey Cuspinera, and sculpture was placed without the source who accompanied him in a corner.

  • Raval
  • C. de Montalegre, 7


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