Joan Salvat Papasseit

Moll de Bosch i Alsina

Sculptor: Robert Krier, signed
Pedestal: Léon Krier
Materials: Bronze on basalt pedestal
Inauguration: July 7, 1992

Salvat Papasseit is alone in the Moll de la Fusta, as I was when kept FLANDERS boards, Melis, the sacred cedars. The initial idea of ​​tapping the long platform of the dock with six sculptures of Robert Krier was revised to reduce them to two: Bosch and Alsina at the entrance of the Rambla del Mar, and Salvat Papasseit, the only platform. Probably this review was accurate: the danger of immoderation had been raised with such a number of exuberant sculptures. For Krier works have the virtue and the risk of exuberance. In the spring you just the solitary presence of the poet immobilized in bronze, like a distant shadow of the solitary presence of the night watchman wooden holed under the vault of heaven. Until recently hyperbole form of the statue was the counterpoint that extreme austerity needed extensive cobblestone dock designed by Manuel de Solà-Morales with a lucid understanding of vocations of port sites. Too bad the recent replacement of the floor for uneven pavement, subdivisions and decorativistas material changes do not understand the ladder of the pier. The poet of wood from its pedestal of basalt, seems to look to the sea to not see urban ornamentation in a place that had the primitive simplicity of severe and necessary works.

  • Port Vell
  • Moll de Bosch i Alsina


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