General Moragues

Plaça Pau Vila

Sculptor: Francisco Abad
on a poem by Paul Celan
Materials: Six blocks of white Carrara marble with text engraved and painted, laminated wooden flag pole with  bronze base, laurel hedge and two trees of love
Inauguration: April 22, 1999

The monument to General Moragues, located between the Nautical School and the Museum of History of Catalonia, is one of the most rugged of those in the city history. The idea of ​​paying tribute to military José Moragues comes from the early years of the end of Francoism. This military man, who made his career in the Habsburg army to fight against Felipe V, was executed when Barcelona fell to the Bourbons and his head was exposed in the Portal de Mar, which was approximately where now stands Monument. The story was every reason to remember the patriotic symbolism. A first project, work of Rosa Martinez Brau, was a head in a cage, as was that of General Moragues in the Portal de Mar, but failed to be implemented so that the work was unsightly and unpleasant. In addition, no graphic documentation of how was the General. The idea was promoted by the association Memorial 1714, created to remember the events in Barcelona that year.

The association got the village of Sort, where the general had lived, he dedicated the monument to Rosa Martinez Brau in December 1981. A copy of this same monument, a bust of the honoree, began on Sunday July 8, 1984 by morning at the Pla de Palau, opposite the Nautical School at the end of a civic act of nationalist fervor that began with a parade from the Sant Jaume square with the flag of santa Eulalia. But this monument will not take long, because the City Council, which supported the sponsoring committee, chose an original work. The City Council was opted for a more contemporary version and chose a work by the artist Francesc Abad Terrassa, consisting of six blocks of Carrara marble as a wedge catching a hedge of laurel. On marble, contains a fragment of a poem by Paul Celan entitled Suns thread. As the promoters of the 1714 Memorial Association did not convince them too the monument with verses of Celan, he was added flagstick with other verses, these Angel Guimera, dedicated to the figure Moragues. Everything was inaugurated as a memorial to General Moragues on Thursday, April 22, 1999 at noon, in the presence of Mayor Joan Clos.

  • Barceloneta
  • Pl. Pau Vila


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