Gasometer Structure

Parc de la Barceloneta

Design: Claudio Gil
Materials: Painted steel sheet

Pedro Gil Babot and in 1843 gave the land where the first gasworks in Barcelona, in the neighborhood of Barceloneta rose. It was one of the partners of the company that had been formed to implement the spread of this new energy source. His sons, Joseph, Paul, Leopold and Claudio Gil and Serra, continued to society with the thrust of the father, and one of them, Claudio, an engineer who had studied in Paris, designed a telescopic gasometer destined for success, since from other European cities were interested in innovations included. The main gas historian in Barcelona, Mercedes Arroyo, places its construction in 1868, although other sources suggest almost a decade later, in 1877. When the facilities were demolished in 1989 to make the new park Barceloneta (1995) was designed by Jordi Henrich and Olga Tarrasó, it decided to keep the structure as testimony of the past of the place.

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  • Parc de la Barceloneta


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