Source of Cloister of the Cathedral. Sant Jordi

Claustre de la Catedral

Sculptor: Antoni Claperós (original), Emili Colom (reconstruction)
Architect: Andrew Escudero
Materials: bronze
Opening: July 4, 1956

The first major public fountains in the city were in the Plaza de San Justo and the cloister of the cathedral. This began supplying water on 4 July 1356. It came Collserola served for residents filled buckets and jugs. 1449 Claperós Antoni and his son John a magnificent carved ceiling St. George that was part of the temple where the source. In 1970 it was decided to put the pump on a more traditional St. George, designed by Emili Colom. The source is well known because every day there is place of Corpus popular custom dancing egg, in which an egg is lifted by the force of the spring water and seems to dance.

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