Francesc Cambó

Via Laietana corner with Carrer de Jonqueres

Sculptor: Victor Ochoa, signed
Materials: Bronze on granite base
Inauguration: April 30, 1997

The monument, inaugurated on April 30, 1997 in the Laietana road, street corner Jonqueres, is one of several projects in mud and small-scale sculptor and Madrid architect Victor Ochoa arose when in 1994 the promoters of the monument, including they Ramon Guardans Cambo-law, he made the request. One project, in which the honoree bust arose from a slab of green granite in 1995 was a few months in the office of mayor Pasqual Maragall. The project finally took place also represents the bust of Francisco Cambo (1876-1947), as if from a pile of ashes.

The idea of ​​a monument to Cambo is old. Josep Viladomat came to make a model in which the politician was wearing the jersey minister who led for eight months. Shortly before the Olympics, when economic collaboration of Catalan business, City Hall and foundations Ferrer Salat and La Caixa, which then Generalitat, the Promotion of National Labour and the Chamber of Commerce were added were requested, they will promote one that should be located directly opposite the entrance to the National Palace with a pedestal with the list of corporate sponsors of the Games. Finally it was decided to separate the two projects and the National Palace took the Aristides Maillol torso.

Finished the Games, the custom became Victor Ochoa, nephew and grandson of Nobel Prize Severo Ochoa, and author, among others, the busts of Juan de Borbon and King Juan Carlos, and the mausoleum the bullfighter Francisco Rivera, Paquirri. The inauguration, which, apart from the highest representatives of the promoting entities, attended Cambo daughter, Helena, was timed to coincide with the 50th anniversary of the death of political honoree. The chosen place, proposed by the Department of Urban Projects of the City, is next to the headquarters of La Caixa and not far from the building Cambo had built, where he lived until march to Argentina, next to the headquarters of Fomento del Trabajo.

  • S. Pere, S. Caterina i La Ribera
  • Via Laietana


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