Fountain Carmen Amaya

Plaça Brugada

Sculptor: Rafael Solanic
Architect: Enric Giralt Ortet
Materials: White and gray limestone
Inauguration: February 14, 1959

Barcelona has two monuments to the "dancer" Carmen Amaya (1913-1963): one by Jose Canas, located in March 1966 in what was the fairground enclosure of Montjuïc (operating the years 1966 -1998 ) and it is now a public park; and the other, this source, made seven years ago in the then brand new promenade.

The initiative corresponded to the journalist Jose Maria Massip, when Carmen Amaya was still at the height of his fame and not even yet know the serious illness that lead to premature death, nor had even released the film Los Tarantos, Rovira Beleta, she starred. Thus, the honoree was able to attend the inauguration of the monument that was dedicated to him, on 14 February 1959, although the sculptures of five children of Rafael Solanic, two with guitar and three dancing in the middle, only allude indirectly to the great flamenco dancer. The nakedness of these children provoked protest rector of the neighborhood, which Carmen Amaya replied that they were angels, and the angels are always naked. A simple inscription - "Source Carmen Amaya" - recalls the dedication. The inauguration of the fountain took place while the promenade, which had begun to be made two years earlier.

The place to put the source was chosen so that, before the construction of the promenade, there was the important core barracks Somorrostro, by the sea, in which Carmen Amaya was born in 1913, when it had not yet begun the spectacular growth of that suburb, where they come to live, before the start of work on the promenade, around 20,000 people in 1,400 barracks. Before this sculpture was a simpler source where Carmen Amaya was going to fetch water, small. At the time of the opening of the source, in 1959, they had not yet gone all Somorrostro barracks. Which were at the end of the promenade were evacuated and demolished in 1966 on the occasion of military maneuvers made during a visit by Franco in Barcelona.

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