Lamp Canaletes

La Rambla - Plaça Catalunya

Architect: Félix de Azúa Pastors
Materials: granite, stone, bronze, glass

A few days before the opening of the International Exhibition in Barcelona on 19 May 1929, the firm Biosca & Botey had to the round part that regulates traffic between Catalonia Plaza and Rambla de Canaletes bluff designed by the architect Félix de Azúa Pastors in charge of the department of Public Ornat the City council and one of the architects who participated Francesc de Paula Nebot in completing the square.

The streetlight project was approved on 12 May 1928 and cost 54,792, 25 pesetas. There was competition to see what the company carried out and won Biosca & Botey, industrialists Botey Joan Riera and Josep Biosca school. For the first time a satirical publication named him as "FC Barcelona alone," to be slightly outside the area of football discussions formed around the kiosk disappeared Gutters drinks.

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