Deuce Coop

Carrer Comerç, 23 (former barracks of Sant Agustí)

Sculptor: James Turrell
Materials: Blue, red and yellow neon lights and white painted drywall, corten steel and brass, on a pre-existing architecture
Inauguration: July 21, 1992

James Turrell, an artist who works the light sculpture, visited several locations in Barcelona before deciding on the remnants of the Gothic convent of St. Augustine, then little more than half ruined building, after it lost the military use which had for years. Two doors and corridors still inside the convent, illuminated with neon lights were the contribution of the Californian James Turrell in the "Urban Settings". In 1994 he had to be removed for the renovation work in the building that was to become civic center. Michael Bond, assistant to the artist, the work of Turrell restored in 1998 and became illuminated doors three.

  • S. Pere, S. Caterina i La Ribera
  • C. Comerç, 23


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