Cross of the Hospital de la Santa Creu

Jardines de Rubió i Lluch

Sculptor: Bernat Vilar; Bernat Vilar (column)
Materials: White and rose marble
Inauguration: July 29, 1939

A donation from the doctor Onofre Estadella allowed to redo a cross in poor condition with the assistance of the sculptor Bernat Vilar, in 1691, as a decorative central motif of the courtyard of the Hospital de la Santa Cruz. It stands on a pink and white marble Solomonic column, and was damaged during the Civil War. On July 29, 1939, it was recovered in a patriotic act proper to the era. The Spanish Vanguard reported that it was "the exact reproduction of what existed in the courtyard of the old hospital of the Holy Cross and was destroyed and desecrated by the Marxist horde."

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  • Jardins de Rubió i Lluch

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