Caravels and winged figures

Portal de la Pau - Mirador de Colón

Sculptors: Francesc Font (sketch)
Rossend Nobas (model)
Architect: Gaietà Buigas
Materials: Bronze
Inauguration: June 1, 1888

At the base of the iron column of the Christopher Columbus monument there are four decorative compositions, each of which forms the prow of a caravel and two griffins with the Barcelona coat of arms and four hemispheres with seagulls holding winged figures, symbolizing Famas that they offer the crowns of immortality to the discoverer of America.

We agree with Carlos Reyero to consider that the celebrity of the honored person or the historical fact that is commemorated is a quality inherent in every public monument and, as a consequence, Fame, that is to say, the generalized admiration towards the facts made by a person, becomes in an indispensable quality in every monument.

The allegorical personification of Fame, in the form of a winged female figure, is a codified iconographic prototype that throughout the nineteenth century was widely used in commemorative monuments of the West.

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  • Portal de la Pau


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