Bishop Irurita

Carrer del Bisbe

Sculptor: Vincente Navarro, signed
Materials: Bronze
Inauguration: December 9, 1943

On June 17, 1939, when not yet five months of the occupation of Barcelona by Franco's troops, a solemn funeral was held in the Cathedral by Bishop Manuel Irurita, he died in December 1936, and subsequently discovered a plaque that gave its name to the urban route that had traditionally been Obispo street and had taken the name of Garcia Lorca during the war.

Then came the idea of ​​erecting a monument. Bishop Irurita was one of the martyrs of the "Crusade" and honor him part of the time of national-Catholic who lived patriotism. The agreement took the Barcelona Provincial Council on 22 July 1939 same.

As head of the initiative of the monument appeared the president of the council, and a public raises in November beginning to bear fruit, according to a relationship published in the Spanish Vanguardia on the 25th day opened The realization was entrusted to the sculptor Vicente Navarro, who also wrote the angel added after the war at the monument to the martyrs of the war of Independence, in the same street as the Bishop.

The image of Bishop Irurita, sculpted by Navarro, was placed in a niche of Obispo Street, in the outer wall of the Episcopal Palace and officially opened on December 9, 1943, to mark the transfer of the remains of Bishop in the Cathedral .

The Bishop of Barcelona disappeared at the beginning of the war and it seems that he was killed by anarchists, but there are people who claim to have seen him alive in 1939 and remained hidden to maintain the myth of martyrdom. This is a very controversial issue and entirely unresolved, since lack an independent investigation. Research on the remains of Bishop Irurita to set the date and manner of death have always been closely controlled by the church hierarchy.

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