To Santpere

La Rambla (Santa Mònica)

Sculptor: Juan Bordes
Architects: Oscar Tusquets, Carlos Diaz, Eduardo contributor Egozcue signed
Materials: Artificial stone with reddish bronze reliefs and installation of optical fiber
Inauguration: December 23, 1995

At the end of the Rambla there was the occurrence of dedicating a monument to Sant Aguirre, José (Barcelona, ​​1875 to 1939) and his daughter Mary (Barcelona, ​​1917 to 1992). The monument is a source that reproduces the theater of Epidaurus and contains a frieze with scenes of the artistic life of the honored. He was commissioned to the architect Oscar Tusquets and his usual collaborator Juan Bordes. The children of Mary Santpere were very pleased: "It is a monument not to the Santpere, but the theater in general." It cost 19 million pesetas, contributed by the City Council and the Diputación de Barcelona, ​​the Generalitat of Catalonia and the Ministry of Culture. First, he thought about putting the source of Tusquets and Bordas in the Parallel, where his father and daughter performed a good part of their artistic career, but finally the Rambla was preferred. The reason given was that Josep Santpere performed at the Teatro Principal on January 17, 1907, doing the holy throne, by Àngel Guimerà. It was the day he met his wife. It was inaugurated two days before the Christmas of 1995.

 In 2007, when doing works to install an elevator at the Drassanes subway station, the monument moved ten meters further up the Rambla.

 Also on the Ramblas there is a bronze plaque on one of the walls that gives the Virreina Palace, in memory of Mary Santpere, who died on September 23, 1992, when traveling by plane from Madrid to Barcelona. A beautiful bougainvillea frames it.

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