Josep Maria Folch i Torres

Plaça Josep Maria Folch i Torres

Sculptor: Josep Ricart Maymó
Architect: Rosa Maria Clotet
Materials: reliefs of bronze, stainless steel and rolled steel painted on architecture
Opening: October 26, 1985

This source commemorative work of Poble Nou Josep Ricart, was inaugurated in 1985 while reformed Plaza Josep Maria Folch i Torres, in which it is located. But the origin of the place was older. The space created when the CNT overthrew the women's prison Street Reina Amalia, the first days of the Civil War. After the war was for many years a lot left to the mayor Porcioles yielded the Ministry of Education because both a high school that was called Milan and Fontanals and was inaugurated on November 24 1962. at the same time, urbanized, near the institute, a place which, in fact, was already foreseen in the 1917 reform of the Plan Jaussely- which was given the name of the writer and journalist Josep Maria Folch i Torres (Barcelona, ​​1880-1950), very much in line Porcioles recovery Catalan acceptable by the regime. But it does not put any monument. At the same site of the prison still be made to fit a swimming pool, which opened on 4 July 1966 and closed its doors for obsolescence in the spring of 2002. When the arrival democracy, undertook the reform of the square, the municipal architect Rosa Maria Clotet took foresee a monument to the writer and poet who gave her name. This is the monument that made Josep Ricart and was inaugurated on 26 October 1985, the same day that Spain Industrial Park.

  • Raval
  • Pl. Josep Maria Folch i Torres

  • Metro L2L3PARAL-LEL

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