MUHBA - Santa Caterina

Museum of History of Barcelona

The excavations carried out beneath the Santa Caterina Market revealed the archaeological remains of the former Convent dels Predicadors in Barcelona Convent of the Preachers), which was later renamed the Convent de Santa Caterina.

Other religious buildings and a late-Roman necropolis were also unearthed, the latter containing amphora, tegulae and formae tombs (made with building materials). Part of the site has been preserved and is visible from a platform where an interactive apparatus has been installed, with detailed information on Gothic Barcelona and the evolution of the monastery until it was converted into a municipal market.

  • S. Pere, S. Caterina i La Ribera
  • Pl. de Joan Capri - Mercat de Santa Caterina
  • 93 256 21 22

  • Bus 45, 120, V15, V17
  • Bus Turístic Barri Gòtic
MUHBA - Santa Caterina
MUHBA - Santa Caterina

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